Privacy policy

I take privacy seriously.

According to DSGVO, I should provide an easy-to-understand privacy policy that simultaneously cites all paragraphs. However, since this seems impossible to me, here follows a short version in the form of eight short points. The long version is available here.

  1. My website does not collect information about you unless you contact me.
  2. My website does not store cookies.
  3. My website is hosted by the provider, which is supposed to pay attention to data economy. If you are suspicious, here is the privacy policy of Uberspace.
  4. On some pages, I embed videos from the YouTube platform in “enhanced privacy mode.” Going to these pages results in a connection to YouTube and the DoubleClick network. Clicking on the video triggers other data processing operations beyond my control. Youtube privacy policy, Opt-Out.
  5. I embed a font (“Google Fonts”) from Google. According to Google, users ‘data is used solely for the purpose of displaying fonts in users’ browsers. Here is the privacy policy of Google.
  6. If you contact me in writing your data will be stored on my mail server. If we have telephone contact, they will be stored on my phone.
  7. On request I delete possibly stored personal data.
  8. Since this is a private website, I have no privacy officer. If you have questions about the stored data, just contact me.